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Tom Trago Voyage Direct with Maxi Mill – Lost & Found

Two records for you this afternoon; Maxi Mill – Lost & Found via Tom Trago‘s Voyage Direct imprint, a record that actually dropped in 2014, but we missed it, and it still sounds great, and Big Strick ‘Twisted Faith‘ taken from his forthcoming Gathering EP on 7 Days Entertainment.

Maxi Mill is a young Amsterdam based artist who according to the Soundcloud blurb is an established Tom Trago collaborator, and with this being our first introduction to his music, we can see why. Lost & Found’s humble opening refrain sets the scene with vinyl aesthetics colouring a tight tom groove that gently gathers momentum as it drives towards its final destination. Much like the mountainous horizon on a classic US highway the tracks peak is further than expected but no less gratifying for it. This might be a 2014 release but its 80’s ‘College‘ type synth line couldn’t be any more relevant and satisfying with the ongoing renaissance of all things House. Remember when we say 80’s we dont mean A-Ha ‘Take On Me’ we are talking about the birth of 808’s, analog synths and House music. This track is full of groove and subtle hooks which will have the floor pulsating with energy quicker than you can say, Kanye West has changed the title of his album again.

Second track comes from another new artist to BBB, Big Strick. Again like Maxi Mill, ‘Twisted Faith’ has more of understated girl next door beauty to it, as apposed to a high heeled everything squeezed in brazenness. What sounds like a classic 808 type groove rolls beneath a satisfyingly warm synth line that circulates and sweeps in and out of the mix, whilst beats and percussion are sequentially plucked and replaced.

Twisted Faith was sourced from Palm Trax‘s recent ‘Cooking With Palms Trax‘ show for Berlin Community Radio. We haven’t listened to the entire mix yet, but so far it has been a hugely intriguing selection of records old and new. Early on the mixing has that loose radio feel to it, but dont let that distract you from the range of sounds on offer, plus once past the first 24mins things begin to tighten up. Definitely a DJ we would like to catch live sometime soon.

Maxi Mill – Lost & Found (Out Now)

Big Strick – The Gathering (Preview Here)

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