It would appear Todd Terje has dug out his brightly coloured summer shirt and emphatically decided its time to get summery. First we had the jaunty acidic ‘Beranek – Dra Te Hælvete’ (Todd Terje acid radio edit), rapidly followed by The Big Cover Up EP and now  ‘Snooze 4 Love’, the b-side to his 2011 break through moment Ragysh, gets a Dixon remix.


Officially Dixons work is considered a remix, however it feels more like a retouch to us, other than a heavier kick and perhaps a more crystalline and sharp final finish Snooze 4 Love 2016 is really just Snooze 4 Love 2011 with a little more dance floor oomph. It could even be one of Dixons many trademark re-edits that he’s known for regularly dropping in his sets. Either way its Todd Terje at his summery inoffensive best and if you’ve got a sunset bar set coming up and your looking for something to go alongside Lindstroms ‘Closing Shot‘ or the latest ‘Disco Deviance‘ record then we suggest getting on the pre-order whilst you can.

Todd Terje – Snooze 4 Love ‘2016’ (Dixon Remix)

Todd Terje – Snooze 4 Love (2011)