Throwing Snow – Murky – GD4YA

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Throwing Snow – Murky – gd4ya

Need something to liven you up after months and months of sitting around sipping tea whilst glued to Netflix. Well Throwing Snow’s – Murky EP could be just the pick me up you need.

Opening with Murky (Original Mix) and the (Wen Remix) you have two beats that are bruising, pulsing and abrasive. Subby basslines that are crying out for club rotation – maybe soon! The original mix is more UKG in tone whilst the Wen Remix is effectively uncompromising industrial techno that just keeps on rolling and pounding until EP closer Ellipsis chills things out a bit.

Ellipsis the original mix is ok but it’s the ‘Benny iLL Remix’ – great name, that elevates Ellipsis into a thoroughly satisfying almost 90’s prog house direction. Swirling and undulating pads build and reverberate for a full 3 minutes before a driving 4 to the floor beat punches into proceedings – kind of Scuba 2012. 

Throwing Snow – Murky EP – GD4YA

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Throwing Snow - Murky - gd4ya