Whilst Usain Bolt and co have been tearing up the track it would appear producers and labels have eased off the gas, consequently leaving those of us who comment on electronic music as apposed to the latest Team GB gold a little short of musical inspiration, sorry Spice Girls, One Direction, Jessie J. However despite the closing ceremony’s best efforts to mime us into oblivion we have managed to dig deep and find this little nugget.

Thefft is another in a long line of youthful producers who is already demonstrating finesse beyond his years. His combination of cavernous industrial techno stabs and floor friendly beats is every bit as infectious as a good melody or vocal hook. However this is not say that Thefft is simply following the herd when it comes to accessible techno, you only have to check his track ‘Right Here [No Longer Available]’ to realise that he also has a good grasp of mesmerising vocal loops. We have no details on when and where these tracks will be dropping, all we can hope is that we are not left waiting so long we loose interest. Recommended.