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Like your dance music raw, euphoric and with a beating heart of 90’s hardcore? We certainly do. There’s nothing quite like those early 90’s underground house/rave records – infectious. Back then it wasn’t about chin scratching admiration or immaculate protools production. Records were written to make you dance and have a good time. Yet as the years have rolled on it often feels as though that founding principle has been swamped in a sea of overly heightened self-awareness. And like a pubescent teenager with image anxiety, modern records all too often limply pander to a need to fit in. That said, trying to resurrect a bygone era is never a wise move. It can come off as cheap, outdated and irrelevant! And with that in mind, where does Overmono – Powder Dry fit? A fresh renewing of founding principles or lame pastiche to be instantly forgotten?

Well, if you take a look at our recent coverage of Radio Slave’s – Another Club and last years Raw M.T – Richards Revenge, you’ll notice there is a growing ground swell for no-nonsense dance records. Records that have a raw, pounding rave like quality to them. In fact if you go back to Pev & Kowton’s 2014 record – End Point, and Lone’s 2016 LP ‘Levitate‘ you’ll realise that this movement has been on the cards for sometime. A movement that Overmono – Powder Dry emphatically endorses, with its hard-core dynamics and euphoric lead hook.

Overmono – Power Dry genuinely gets the blood pumping and feet moving, something few records have consistently done in recent years. Not that we’re suggesting all dance music has been poor until this point, far from it. But a little more euphoric energy, in the underground dance scene, may be no bad thing. You may disagree? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below…

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Overmono - Powder Dry