Following Denis Sultas exclusive track ‘MSNJ‘ for Jackmasters forthcoming DJ Kicks mix is the equally generous Tessela with his offering the simply titled ‘Up’, a title that suggests a potential departure from his more recent abrasive ‘Poly Kicks‘ releases…


As the title suggests ‘Up’ is Tessela in a  surprisingly cheery mood. The abrasive grit and distorted fragmentation that often litters his releases are replaced with a starkly bright and, for want of a better word, uplifting lead synth line. Yet despite this slightly more cheery disposition Tessela has not ditched all the sonic trademarks that define his signature sound. ‘Up’ like much of his previous work is underpinned by the typically kinetic mid 90’s drum grooves that we’ve come to know and love, and as if to remind us further of his core influences we have a whirring speed garage type sub-bass holding everything together.

Like Denis Sulta’s generously donated and equally compelling ‘MSNJ’, ‘Up’ is another fine exclusive track and perhaps like John Talabots DJ Kicks Exclusive ‘Without You’ both these records will one day see their own vinyl release, perhaps as a double A-Side – who knows? However in the mean time both will be available July 8th via Jackmasters DJ Kicks Compilation in 2LP, CD and Digital format.

[Exclusive stream via i-D Magazine]

Tessela – Up (Exclusive Jackmaster DJ Kicks) Out 8th July