Dan Avery AKA Stopmakingme has always been destined for electronic stardom, and in the last few months things have really started to take shape as his self penned productions have started to emerge. His first EP ‘Wrapped in Plastic‘ was a solid EP of tightly looped sounds, pumping bass layered with energetic 808 and live sounding percussion. Although a solid EP it was unlikely to change the course of musical folk lore, but it did suggest Mr Avery was someone to keep an eye on, and his follow up ‘Rattle EP’ justifys this faith.


Rattle EP’s first two tracks take reference from ‘Wrapped in Plastic’ and expand on those early ideas, incorporating stronger riffs, punchier rhythm and a clever use of peaks and drops to give the tracks real energy, but its the 3rd track ‘Tempo’ that really caught our attention. Again using similar ideas but with much more of an innovative twist on track structure and funnily enough tempo.

Stopmakingme – Rattle EP (Bang Gang) – Out Feb 28th

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