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Soaring acoustic Anguish: Billy Lockett – More

Ever broken up with someone and missed them so much that the anguish physically hurts? Or perhaps someone has passed away unexpectantly and you feel as though you heart has been torn asunder. It’s in times like these that we seek comfort from Friends, Family, Vices and often Music. It would appear Billy Lockett – More is expressing just this.

Life is both beautiful and devastating; we only have to flick on the news to know that whilst we maybe doing ok others most decidable are not and vice versa. Only the other day we discussed if ‘Music can actually Change the World‘ an article in which we listed many of the atrocities and injustices blighting our present day. It’s a tough existence and personally music is often what has helped me process my often complex and bewildering emotions. In truth, apart from my first 7 years on this planet my existence has been anything but easy, for reasons I dont need to go into, but at various points certain songs and bands have provided the solace and escapism Ive needed in order to survive. Be it shouty 90’s rock, Rage Against The Machine, observational wit, Blur, banging electronic beats, Chemical Brothers, or a Hillsong United CD.

Like these examples Billy Lockett – More for some will be a similarly cathartic release. Opening with a stunningly beautiful vocal intro and piano refrain Lockett immediately lets you know what he’s feeling. Deep loss, that despite his best attempts to overcome is still shackling him to his past. Very much similar to a record we covered earlier this year, Ryan Adams – Shiver & Shake.

Billy Lockett – More is out now and if an anguished singer-songwriter who plays the piano is your thing, then this is for you.

Rating 3.8/5.0

Billy Lockett – More

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