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Sleep D – The Jackal Pt 2 (Butter Sessions) | New Music

For fans of Mathew Jonson and that epic type rolling melodic techno journey that he generally weaves in his productions and live shows need to be checking the Australian equivalent ‘Sleep D’.

We featured Sleep D for the first time on BBB a few days ago with their meandering yet purposeful ‘Live At The Fairfield Amphitheatre‘ release. That particular record was predominately beat free, yet despite its trippy live feel you could sense it’s desire to be smashed out on a big system, an extended break down if you will that with the correctly chosen accompanying beat could send the floor into raptures. ‘Bush Snake’, the lead track from ‘The Jackal Pt 2’, is perhaps not the next record in that particular sequence, however the aformentioned live nurdling is once again the central theme, only this time Sleep D tighten things up with a driving four to the floor kick and Deep House hi-hat combination. Together, along with their trademark analog FX explorations and flourishes, ‘Bush Snake’ confidently shows it’s hand and goes all in. There’s no bluffing here as Sleep D raise the ante with another enticingly rousing record.

Sleep D – Bush Snake (The Jackal Pt 2) Out Now

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