Sleep D – Dawn Over Atlas [DJ Seinfeld – DJ Kicks Exclusive]

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June 19th

by | Jun 19, 2018 | Electronic Music, Tracks

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“Exclusive to DJ Seinfeld’s forthcoming DJ Kicks compilation, Sleep D – Dawn Over Atlas is an unexpected and very welcome addition to the Melbourne duo’s increasingly impressive discography. Proggy rolling analog Techno”…

When it comes to Australia and Electronic Music the conversation invariably revolves around Sydney, Future Classic and Flume. Which is fair when you consider their now global influence. However mention Sydney and Electronic Music whilst in Melbourne, Sleep D’s hometown, and like a surfer in unfamiliar waters the locals may take considerable offence. Such is the rivalry between the two cities. Yet despite Sydney’s obvious importance to electronic music ‘Sleep D – Dawn Over Atlas’ represents Melbourne’s own increasingly significant contribution.

Sleep D first came to our attention with their ‘Live at the Fairfield Amphitheatre’ recording. An extended two track EP of deep atmospheric analog noodling. Swirling atmospherics, pulsing synths and an almost spiritual connection to nature has kept it in our record box ever since. Since then releases have tightened up as Sleep D have taken that earthy ethereal sound and established it in a more traditional clubbing context.

Like previous releases ‘Dawn Over Atlas’ combines that instinctive connection to nature with dynamic beats, brisk lead hooks and layered analog noodles that just get into you and refuse to let go. Play at 3am on an open festival stage in a warm climate and watch the crowd swoon with appreciation.

Listen: Sleep D – Dawn Over Atlas [DJ Seinfeld – DJ Kicks]

Sleep D - Dawn Over Atlas [DJ Seinfeld - DJ Kicks Exclusive]