Skee Mask – Pool – Ilian Tape

Electronic Music, Tracks

7th May 2021

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Skee Mask – Pool – Ilian Tape

Skee Mask – Pool – Ilian Tape. Skee Mask’s new album follows on from where ‘Compro’ left off. Mysterious, relentless yet lush. Out today and boasting a wapping 18 tracks, Skee Mask has come out of the blocks hard and fast and with a point to prove – no streaming! The german producer has elected to only make ‘Pool’ available via vinyl and digital download, citing in a recent tweet

“next project won’t be on spotishyte or any other streaming businesses.. get ready to pay more than 1 microcent for it”

A curious tweet when you consider it’s available via Ilian Tapes YouTube channel – the biggest streaming service out there – and the one that pays the least per stream? Do I agree with the Spotify streaming model, no, can artists release music how they want to – of course. But if you’re going to boycott streaming, you can’t really have it on YouTube?

Semantics aside, the album is here, that’s a good thing, and so far it’s sounding gooooooood!

Skee Mask – Pool – Bandcamp

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