Size 8 – Dance Party – Minimal House

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Size 8 – Dance Party

Size 8 – Danceable for those who love their beats stripped, grooving, somewhat relaxed but danceable. Which I’m guessing is the idea behind the title. But who knows…

So Size 8, not much to say, other than what’s on their bandcamp – ‘Minimal House producer focused on sexy jockin grooves, bouncing drums, rolling basslines and delicate crystal clean synthwork’. Basically bang on. Size 8 are fresh on the scene and have hit the ground running with their first 3 releases, this being their third and strongest. We at BBB are anticipating big things.

If you like this go check their first two EP’s and their remix of TR’s – Hardcore.


Size 8 – Danceable – Bandcamp

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Size 8- Dance Party