Shouty, aggressive, forthright ranting from South London 5 piece, can sometimes signal up tight teenagers with a parental axe to grind. Not here. ‘Shame’ like any self-respecting associated punk act have plenty of bite and trousers. According to the bands lead singer Charlie Steen Shame – Tasteless is about:

“protesting against people’s constant acceptance and indifference towards deeply troubling issues within society as well as politics, only seeming to care when it is something that will affect them. [It’s] a comment disregarding some people’s over-sensitivity when a person or group of people speak out about something.”

Shame - Tasteless [ Post-Punk ]

Angst and opinions aside Shame – Tasteless is raw high-octane pogoing perfection. Rasping vocals, thrumming bass and some of the best non-jangly indie guitars we’ve heard in sometime. You can practically smell the sweat mingled Red Stripe from your speakers as it frantically reaches its three minute conclusion

Considering the events of recent times a band that claim to rail against institutional apathy are anything but tasteless. In fact their aggressive, forthright views are most likely just the wake up call many of us need. So put down your Starbucks Caramel Macchiato, forget the new kitchen you had planned and join the dialogue.

Rating 3.9/5.0

Shame – Tasteless

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Once again thanks to BBC 6 Music for the heads up on this.