What do you get when you cross a vegemite sandwich with techno? You get Melbourne based Australian producer ‘Shedbug’ and his ominously throbbing and exhilarating ‘187 District’.


For anyone who is a regular reader of Blah Blah Blah you’ll know we often get frustrated with the bewildering appreciation of numbingly dull techno, an appreciation that is presently rampant across many platforms. For us it often feels as though those exalting the latest techno 12″ have completely lost context of what makes a good record and have become so blinkered by their genre that their judgement lacks discernment and credibility. A phenomena, to be fair, that is not exclusive to just techno as it can be found occurring within all genres of music, and truth be told impaired our judgement during the 07 to 09 electro/fidget explosion – Rico Tubbs anyone…I didnt think so!

Since our 2009 incarceration for crimes against music we have came to the conclusion that our listening habits needed to be more varied and open minded. By fostering such a broader appreciation for music, check our new [INDIE] section, we have found that our point of reference has become less polarised and hopefully, as a result, more discerning. As a DJ, Producer, Blogger, musician we believe that this is vitally important as it gives you a greater depth of inspiration to draw upon, making your music potentially more innovative, engaging and lasting. Take it away Shedbug…

Shedbug ‘187 District’ [Boiler Room Debuts] Out August 26th