Shadow Child is the latest in a long line of artists who is also known as, in this case Dave Spoon, but why is it electronic producers in particular feel compelled to operate under various pseudonym’s?

Dave Spoon is perhaps best known for his main room focused House & Electro House, employing the electronic Ibiza version of power chords to bludgeon his audience into submission. Its the type of house music that can energise a dancefloor in the right hands but ultimately lacks the subelty to live long in the memory. Whilst Dave Spoon clearly knows his way around the studio and has had success with tracks such as ‘Bad Girl (At Night)‘ its difficult to shake the nagging, its just another club track, sentiment. Leaving you bemused at their apparent lack of creativity, much like when watching a comedy actor who churns out the same goofy character from one film to the next. However from time to time your preconceived opinion can be blown out of the water when that same actor suddenly appears in that gritty oscar winning performance, and herein lies the beauty of a pseudonym. It allows the leading man, or in this case the producer to experiment with a new direction and if needed reinvigorate their public persona, enter Shadow Child.


Shadow Child first appeared early this year on the hugely credible Dirtybird with the powerfully simple String Thing, since then there has been a number of remixes, in particular the dance floor slaying ‘A DJ Deep Inside’ and now the equally gratifying single So High has just dropped via Moda Black. Combined these tracks demonstrate that Dave Spoon does not lack for creativity and that under his Shadow Child moniker he is one to watch for the remainder of 2012. Recommended listening below: