Nottingham based Grime/Techno/Bass producers Sergic & Lyka have been making a bit of a racket in the last twelve months with their dirty, bass heavy sounds, shaking the Midlands to its foundations.  In that same period the duo have also co-opened their own label, Tumble Audio. The label has released 2 Eps so far, Killjoy’s ‘XTC EP’, Majora’s ‘Boss Key EP’ and is now preparing their 3rd self penned Bulletproof EP.


‘Bullet Proof’ shuffles its way into your consciousness with snappy clicks, machine noises and stuttering snares complimented with down-tuned vocal samples and otherworldly synth stabs. The machine gun rhythms give the track considerable momentum and dancefloor energy. The title track is a calling card for the type of sound Tumble Audio is all about, grimey bass driven filth. ‘Glod’ with its 1-2 kick and deep sub bass, mixed with vocal stabs and twittering fx would be the stand out track on the EP if it weren’t for the EP closer ‘Shame’.

Kicking off with a Lone-like synthesis soundscape and sexy moaning female vocals the track soon evolves into a floor shaking techno beast. The sub bass-line is simple but exquisite carrying the tune onwards whilst cowbells and the intermittent bass drop and spacey atmospherics give the tune a euphoric quality. If you like your beats a little roughed up Sergic, Lyka and the Tumble crew are ones to watch for 2013.

Sergic & Lyka – Bulletproof drops April on Tumble Audio

Rating 7.5/10