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Rimbaudian – Letters aka DJ Seinfeld – YouTube

This week at Blah Blah Blah it’s all about House Music. On Monday we hyped up DJ Seinfeld – Season 1 EP and only yesterday we posted a link to a Defected commissioned, general public curated, 600 track playlist titled: Best House & Club Tracks [Of All Time]. And today we have Doc Daneeka’s ‘Ten Thousand Yen’ imprint serving up another House Music beauty in the shape of Rimbaudian – Letters EP.

Rimbaudian is most likely a name you’re not overly familiar with, at least we weren’t. That is until we discovered Rimbaudian is in fact DJ Seinfeld. Happy Days. There’s nothing quite like discovering a new artist and then finding a fresh catalogue of music to plunder. A plundering that revealed Rimbaudian, as with his alias, has a taste for the increasingly sought after raw house sound. In particular this sound is represented by the EP’s standout moment ‘Drop It On Em‘. Booming distorted beats underpin a retro-fitted four note piano hook, whilst an irresistible vocal sample literally makes you want to rent a convertible and embark on Californian road trip. Uplifting, warm and sure to be on heavy rotation this summer.

EP opener ‘She Taught Me How To Love‘ is also summery in tone, if a little less crunchy. Todd Terje like synth work and a French House like bassline keep this one bouncing along, making it a prime candidate for a late night beach bar. A sentiment that ‘I Would Do Everything I Did Again And Again‘ and EP closer ‘I Said Goodbye To Dreams Of You At The Shore‘ also embody. However whilst these tracks are pleasant enough, they lack the charisma of ‘Drop It On Em’ and as such are less likely to leave a lasting impression.

Overall Rimbaudian – Letters is a worthy entry into the growing legend that is DJ Seinfeld. Three of the tracks may lack a little of his customary flair, however ‘Drop It On Em’ more than makes up for this, and is why we strongly recommend getting your hands on this record. We’ve already ordered our copy.

Rimbaudian – Letters EP [ Drop It On Em ]

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Rimbaudian - Letters aka DJ Seinfeld