Limited to 500 copies, only 7 copies available via Discogs, each starting at a minimum price of £30, average rating of 4.7…. this is one special, highly sought after slab of vinyl. Right from the opening drum solo and booming kick drum you know that Traumer is very much on the right tempo, no flying cymbals, tears or raised voices, the only real danger here is potential whiplash from an involuntary instantaneous need to dance, and this is even before the industrial techno scrap’s and kicking gospel house organ burst into view. Ukus is everything you want from a record, pounding, well grooved, melodic, underground and irresistible.


As an artist Paris based Traumer is very much new to us, however on the strength of this record we’ll be trawling through his back catalogue with near fevered anticipation…and with that in mind, whilst writing this post, we discovered a second Gettraum release ‘002’. Like it’s predecessor it’s limited, virtually sold out and comes complete with yet more searing House music. Can’t recommend Gettraum 001 & 002 highly enough…get yours while you can!

Traumer – Ukus (Gettraum 001) Out Now

Traumer – Lost In Capsule (Gettraum 002) Out Now