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Radiohead – Little by Little (Caribou Remix)

We tweeted a little while back that Radiohead were planning to release a number of specifically commissioned remixes of their ‘King of Limbs‘ Album, well that time has come and the first two tracks remixed are ‘Little by Little’ and ‘Lotus Flower’ by Caribou and Jacques Greene respectively. To say this must have been a daunting task would be an understatement when you consider the supreme talent that is Radiohead, furthermore having witnessed them play ‘King of Limb’s at Glastonbury just last weekend I couldnt see what more could be added to these already fabulous pieces of music.

Overall I still prefer the originals, however both remixes are really good with both Caribou and Jacques Greene injecting a little more weight into the mix, with punchier drums and crisper percussion. Of the two remixes Caribou’s is definitely the stronger making better use of the source material and adding well suited additional sounds, where as I feel Jacques Greene missed a trick by not making use of Lotus Flowers powerful bassline. Overall a strong package that is available on limited 12″ Vinyl July 4th.

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