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Patrick Bishop – Un (Tuff City Kids Remix) Philomena | New Music

Our last two posts have had been somewhat on the deep side of things, which is fine, we’ve all been there in a group situation when the conversation suddenly takes a turn for the serious, but like anything there is a time and a place and with the weekend eagerly awaiting our embrace like an excitable family pet, its time to ditch the introspection and talk beats. So what should we be listening out for this weekend?

For us there are 4 fresh cuts that have caught our attention this week and we fully expect them all to be getting a full-on Jane Fonda style workout this weekend. First up is the latest offering from Innervisions sub-label ‘Philomena’ with its latest limited edition, 1 per customer 12″. Like its John Talabot predecessor ‘Patrick Bishop – Un (Tuff City Kids Remix)’ is a bold synth work out with a whiff of 90’s progressive house nostalgia. This nostalgic feel further intensifies as the lilting female vocal conjures up memories of the mid 90s smash ‘Silence – Delirium’. For some this tune will feel overly obvious in tone, but with a limited vinyl run the record should at least hang on to some if its initial potency as it swerves the hands in the air uh uh masses.

Next up is Gilles Peterson’s Havana Cultura remix package. In particular the Pablo Fierro remix. Bouncing beats and a classic filtered bassline, whilst not ground breaking, are sure to get the club moving in the right direction. Probably not a record that you’ll be pulling out in ten years time, but if you’re looking to freshen up your mid-set energy this is worth your consideration.

Following hotly on Gilles heals is the hip-hop/funk influenced Folamour – Rue D’Amsterdam. This may have more of a subtle bar/house party type energy to it than Pablo’s remix, but dont be fooled, like a seductively beguiling woman you’ll find yourself inescapably ensnared before you can say  ‘Ok, Party people are in the House’. This is most definitely our tip if you’re on warm up duties or playing a bar set this weekend.

Our final recommendation is the almost sinister and claustrophobic Arapu ‘No More Space’. This is very much geared to the more underground among you, with its rolling techno foundation underpinning a sparse arrangement of stabs and sharp percussion. Bags of head down rolling energy that will keep the hands at shoulder level and the Jager Bombs at bay.

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