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Paper Tiger – Illuminated (Blacksmif Re-Lick)

Blacksmif is an artist we came across last year and duly featured him in our Electronic Artist of The Week series. For anyone who has visited Blacksmif’s Soundcloud page since will know that he is a prolific studio dweller who’s music flirts on the edge of known wisdom, taking flamboyant percussive and melodic risks within a bass driven jazz tinged environment.

Previously we commented “that once the right people find out about him he will become a much more recognisable figure in electronic music”. It would appear that 2012 will be the start of that journey with a number of releases signed up and ready to go over the next few months.

First up is his beautifully lush relick of Paper Tiger’s – Illuminated. Blacksmif strips back the jagged intensity of the original and hooks his additional percussive elements and pads to the jazzy trumpet sample to give the track a smoother all encompassing flavour. Usually the words Jazz and Trumpet are enough to put us in a cold generic deep house sweat, however trust us when we say that this anything but jazzy deep house.

Rating 8/10

Paper Tiger – Illuminated (Blacksmif Re-Lick)

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