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Paleman – Half Out (School Records) Single Review

Loefah aka Swamp81 is back furnishing his new label with another outstanding release, this time with the upcoming Paleman picking up were Dusky left off. Think talking in class, stealing someones dinner money and standing outside the head masters office and you’ll have an idea of what to expect from this EP.

Those of you who have been following Paleman for a little will know that two of these tracks, Chapel & Etch, have featured on his Soundcloud for quite a while now, and like Furrball have been tantalising us ever since. Thankfully the wait is over and we have the added bonus of a fresh cut, Half Out slammed into the package. Half Out is all bass and exquisite percussion, once again demonstrating Palemans innate ability to write compellingly addictive music despite his stripped back weighty and non melodic style. Chapel (Vinyl Only) follows, and for us is the standout moment on the EP, again built around intricate percussion and FX, Chapel incisively cuts through its sub laden underbelly with a snare hit that ultimately becomes the tracks signature sound as it inescapably drives everything forward. Completing the trio of tracks is ‘Etch’, again incisive but much more ominous in texture, however unlike some techno producers Paleman manages to combine a brooding backdrop without getting overly bogged down in muddy washes of sound that lack punch and definition.

Half Out drops May 20th and we cant recommend it highly enough. We’d also recommend catching Paleman in the mix, he played for us a month back and his mixing is every bit as polished as his productions.

Rating 9/10

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