Whilst scanning the latest Phonica releases we happened upon two fresh cuts from a label we have featured on numerous occasions this year – ‘Lobster Theremin’.

Lobster Theremin is not one of those shouty PR type labels that has a tendency to overstate their product like an American infomercial for instant weight loss. Instead like any sustainable weight loss program their success has been achieved over a prolonged period of healthy living, i.e. only signing and releasing music they know and believe to be fit for human consumption. As a result they have established themselves as a trusted source for inventive, unique and engaging beats.

Our first introduction was via the striking 90s prog houser ‘Raw MT – Richards Revenge‘, followed by TRPs seductively scrunched ‘Pano‘ and now Ozel AB has got us running for the dance floor once again with, as Phonica state “[what could] almost be a forgotten 90’s classic” – Stoosh 95.


Stoosh 95 opens with an intro nostalgically reminiscent of Daft Punks ‘Revolution 909’ with indistinguishable voices back dropping a thudding retro kick drum. Like Daft Punks 97 classic the voices are gradually replaced with increased percussion, stunted vocal loops, claps, and of course a head nodding bass-line. At around the 2 minute mark ‘Stoosh 95’ becomes comparatively laid back in demeanour with the introduction of twilight invoking pads, before carefully ramping things up again for the subtly powerful final third. In fact it would appear that the pads sole purpose was to actually further dramatise this final section where a clipped “Luuur-ving” vocal loop and arpeggiating synth pattern threaten to force your hand in the air with unbridled appreciation…Overall another fantastic cut from an increasingly influential label.

Ozel AB – Stoosh 95 (Lobster Theremin) Out Now