Admittedly one I first received this in the inbox, I thought to myself “this unlikely to be any good, but it does say Soulwax in the description so I better give it a listen”, thankfully I did. Although a demo ‘Listen to the Bass’ is a really good slice of electro, imagine Soulwax meets Justice but with enough of its own personality that it doesnt sound like a cold cash in.

One Man Party – Listen to the Bass (DEMO) – LOW BIT STREAM

One Man Party aka Steve Slingeneyer’s is still the drummer for Soulwax but in recent times has been operating as a DJ playing gigs all across Europe. As well as playing electro, he drops many styles into the mix, so you can expect a DJ set that “Sounds like Keith Moon and Animal from The Muppets double teaming Diana Ross on top of a mixer while Henry Rollins watches!”.

One Man Party – Jagerland (Mixtape)

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