Today’s new music comes from two disparate sources, Om Unit on Cosmic Bridge Records and Four Legs – Shark via the goal post moving – The Trilogy Tapes. This is not us trying to be cooler than the highest jean roll up and coloured sock combination money can buy, but simply a reflection on what has caught our ears this week.

Om Unit - Adventures in Eden [ New Music ]

Om Unit’s ‘Adventures in Eden’ is the B Side to his forthcoming ‘Torchlight Vol.2 Ep’, and if you’ve already clicked play below, you’ll have noticed its not your typical BBB riddim. Its fair to say that Drum & Bass would not be our chosen specialist subject should we ever find ourselves on Mastermind. However, lets not get bogged down in genre based semantics.

Adventures in Eden is one of those ethereal progressive type records that has two potential masters, the warm up DJ or the DJ who has just rinsed the crowd for all its worth. In either situation the juxtaposition of rumbling sub, high energy drums, casual pads and sparkling synths release a spirited but not overly vigorous flow of energy, which can either heighten anticipation or maintain the flow of the floor without exhausting its inhabitants. In our opinion records like these are an essential building block to any great set as they enable the DJ to switch things up, and if executed well, keep things fresh without losing the audience. All to often the inexperienced DJ is obsessed with smashing every banger they can possibly get their hands on, where as a little subtlety here and there can often have a greater impact than just blasting the latest TUNE.

Second on todays New Music finds is via Trilogy Tapes with Four Legs – Shark. Why Four Legs, who knows, perhaps they are a dog lover or like to collect antique chairs, either way their track ‘Shark’ soon nips that pointless musing in the bud. As the name suggests this track has a little more attitude than the aforementioned ‘Adventures In Eden’. There is no subtlety here, just a ceaselessly looping techno throb. To say it has a Daft Punk ‘Homework’ quality to it would be an understatement, but this is no lame pastiche. Shark has its own hynpnotic groove and if you’ve been enjoying Head High‘s recent work then this needs to be added to your shopping cart as soon as possible.

Om Unit – Adventures In Eden (Cosmic Bridge) Out Now

Four Legs – Shark (The Trilogy Tapes) Out Now