Something a bit different today, no 808 kick drums or 16 bar intro’s here, instead we’ve gone singer songwriter with Ofelia K’s refreshingly unique and undeniably catchy and poppy ‘Killing Me’.


‘Killing Me’ is a perfect illustration of why it’s always worth that extra effort digging a little deeper when searching out new music. A bit like when you go on holiday and you’re trying decide where to eat, invariably the best restaurants are always the ones that are tucked away from the main drag and require a little extra effort to find them. But once found even the most reluctant member of your party – the one who would have been happy eating a KFC, will even appreciate the extra effort.

In all walks of life this type of determined curiosity is often what separates great from good, not that we’re suggesting in a Kanye style that this is the greatest blog ever written, but we do believe that going beyond the obvious, artistically and creatively, is often when art truly gets exciting and inspirational, and therefore we hope you can put down the bargain bucket and enjoy this discovery as much as we did.

Ofelia K – Killing Me (South By Sea Music) Out Now

[Source: Earmilk]