New Boards of Canada music is rarer than a Daft Punk live show, and thats saying something. Their most recent album 2013’s ‘Tomorrows Harvest’  followed 8 years of silence, and since their debut LP in 1998 Boards of Canada have only released 4 LP’s and 6 EP’s in a career spanning close to 20 years. Even by the more conservative of artist release schedules this is a very slow rate of return. Interestingly this low level of productivity is evenly matched by the aforementioned Daft Punk. Since 97’s ‘Homework’ Daft Punk have also only released 4 LP’s, if you ignore the Disney Soundtrack, and interestingly they also took an 8 year break between 3rd & 4th albums? Could we have a Four Tet is Burial debate on our hands? We dont think so, but what it does show is, despite societies current malaise for quick fix instant gratification, that the old adage “Good things come to those who wait” hasn’t entirely lost its relevance. With that in mind we present the latest Boards of Canada production: Odd Nosdam – Sisters (Boards of Canada remix)

Odd Nosdam - Sisters (Boards of Canada remix)

Odd Nosdam – Sisters (Boards of Canada Remix)