‘Its a Doozie’, cant remember the last time we used that phrase, but it feels appropiate here. A few days ago we did our first ever post on NYTA regarding his upcoming Paleman collaboration ‘Drone‘, and continuing in a similar vein is NYTA’s latest solo project ‘The Swarm EP’ via Lobster Boy Records. Lead track 95 has already chocked up over 10,000 plays on Soundcloud and justifiably so with its irrepresible bassline and almost garage like percussion, but dont get confused this is not cliched Garage House, this is something else entirely, and we have to agree with Libray UK “95 is too much”. However like any truly good EP, the heat doesnt stop at the A Side, both Hardwork & Swarm are fully up to the task, giving 95 a good run for its money with growling low end, crisp snappy percussion and heavy Bass foundations. Highly recommended.


New York Transit Authority – The Swarm EP (Preview) Released 30th September 2013

Shout out to Disclosure for alerting us to this one.