We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, Brighton is really bubbling up at the moment, and this latest release on the Brighton based label ‘877 Records‘ is a testament to that fact.  877 launched in the fall of 2011 and like fellow Brighton hot dogs ‘Well Rounded‘ 877’s mastermind Dom has a good ear for interesting and not always conventional bass heavy beats. Their next release ‘The Grid / Hips n’ Thighs’ comes from the Bristol based duo ‘My Nu Leng‘ who have previously released on ‘LNUK’ & ‘Mindstep Music’, most notably with their Damp EP.

My Nu Leng - The Grid / Hips n' Thighs

The Grid combines tight 4×4 beats, an a Eats Everything type vocal snippet with dubstep influenced synth lines and sub, whilst a perky mid 90’s hook occasionally threatens to force your hands in the air. Hips n’ Thighs continues the 4×4 dubstep synth relationship whilst injecting a little booty with the main vocal. Overall a really strong release with ‘The Grid’ being our personal pick.

My Nu Leng – The Grid / Hips n’ Thighs drops 12th Nov