At times you have to wonder why we do the things we do, day after day, after day. Particularly when those things that we strive to be successful at, our passions even, get trampled on by the community around us. We can put our heart, soul and sinew on the line believing that our dedication should at least count for something, and yet despite our greatest efforts there is always someone ready to pounce at even the slightest show of weakness. All to often the self appointed expert, a blogger or reviewer like myself, neglects to consider the person behind the music. Music like all creativity is often an intensely personal process of creating something from nothing, yet in our attempt to provide thoughtful critique our views often come off as one dimensional, maybe even tinged with a note of jealousy or an assumption about that person, and as a result true objectivity is lost. However this loss cannot be entirely shouldered by the reviewer as artist and label are equally culpable in feeding this perpetual cycle of cynicism with an often alarming lack of quality control, not to mention press release’s that are often so banal that a wall painted in taupe would have more intrigue and depth. Music at its heart should somehow resonate with us on a deeper level whether we are writing it, reviewing it, releasing it or simply listening to it, but if that connection is lost we find ourselves becoming dispassionate and ultimately cynical, which is no fun for anyone. If like us you find from time to time that your connection to music or other passions in your life start to wane, pause, step away and take some time to reflect on why you do what you do. For us it’s discovering ‘New Music’ so whenever our fires are burning low it means we haven’t spent enough time doing just that…

Leon Vynehall Midnight On Rainbow Road [ New Music ]

This weeks recommendations come via Buz Ludzha and Leon Vynehall. Like a number of other tracks we have featured in 2016 we discovered both these records via Boiler Room’s exceptional ‘Boiler Room Debuts‘ series, which has arguably become the most consistent and reliable source for hosting exclusive new music. Technically Leon Vynehall Midnight On Rainbow Road was released in 2015 as part of Gerd Jansons ‘Music for Autobahns 2‘, however its now getting a full vinyl release, hence the inclusion here.

Buz Ludzha Vibradreams [Out Now]

Leon Vynehall Midnight On Rainbow Road [Out Now]

As always these tracks can be found on our BBB – 2016 (WIP) playlist.