Its the weekend, well close enough, and in the UK the sun is still shining, this isn’t weather related small talk by the way, rather an observation that the British summer is more determined to hang around than customers in a coffee shop who know it’s closed but willfully refuse to budge regardless of this knowledge…you know who you are! Why is the sun shining relevant to this post, well Move D has just reissued his 1993 classic ‘House Grooves Vol. 1’ EP, a record that is without doubt of a summery disposition.

Move D presents House Grooves Vol. 1 feat. Gerd Janson

Admittedly in 1993 Move D was not an artist we were personally aware of, back then it was more grunge and rave on our ghetto blaster, that said we can see why ‘House Grooves Vol. 1’ has such a well regarded legacy, particularly when you consider it also sounds equally as relevant 23 years later, assuming you like retro fitted House. According to reliable sources i.e. Juno & Phonica the lead track ‘I Gave My Love’ has been a much coveted crate diggers find for many years now, and you can immediately hear why when its 1987 ‘Strings of Life’ inspired keys drop into the mix. Fittingly the lead remix on this repackage comes via Gerd Janson, who, if you cast you minds back to 2013, delivered the equally stomping remix of NYs Finest ‘Do You Feel Me’. Another record steeped in late 80’s inspired House.

If you like House with bouncing keys, the obligatory reference to love and more groove than me on a Saturday night then this is the record for you.

Move D presents House Grooves Vol. 1 + Gerd Janson Remix