Mosca made his presence felt in 2010 with his excellent ‘Square One EP‘ (Nightslugs), and ‘Gold Bricks I See You‘ (Fabric) releases. However since then there has only been a few remixes and not much else, which had left us wondering if Mosca like many promising DJ/Producers before him had been forgotten. Thankfully Mosca has dispelled that concern with consummate ease with his recently released ‘Done Me Wrong/Bax’ single, and now he is preparing the release of his Wavey EP on Martyn’s 3024 label.

Mosca - Wavey EP (3024)

As a whole the Wavey EP has a slightly sinister techno edge to it with all four tracks leaning on a brooding bass and atmospheric subplot with rays of percussion, vocal loops and synth stabs sporadically punching through the gloom. However this description is not to suggest that this EP is dark turgid Techno by numbers as each track packs plenty of dance floor punch. In particular the final track on the EP ‘Wray n Neph’ takes that sense of ‘Jilted Generation’ foreboding and carves it into a rolling techno stomper.

Mosca – Wavey EP (3024) – Released 7th November

Mosca – ‘Done Me Wrong / Bax’ (Out Now)

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