YYY – YYY 797A: Minimal Tech-House hypnosis from Paris

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YYY – YYY 797A: Minimal Tech-House. Salut… Need some bouncing, grooving, minimal tech-house? Then Parisian born YYY may just be your jam. It’s most certainly been ours since featuring their similarly titled YYY 398A in the 47th edition of the WeAreBlahBlahBlah mixtape series. And because of that feature YYY France has now become one of those enigmatic underground labels that we hope can become the pièce de résistance of our record collection.

Like ‘YYY 398 A‘ which you can preview [Here], YYY 797A has an immediate head nodding, toe tapping bounce to it. Suggesting that YYY, who ever they may be, have clearly built the tune from the drums up. Working the groove with meticulous precision and skill to create a subtle yet crucial interplay between the drums and bass. An essential component for any House record of this type – Repetitively danceable yet never monotonously boring. However as good as the groove maybe, all can easily be lost in a dirge of pads, synth lines and other unnecessary embellishments. Thankfully in this instance all search pitfalls have been circumnavigated with considerable aplomb.

YYY 797 A lives and dies by it’s groove and it’s this inescapable groove coupled with the records weighty and slick production that makes this another essential YYY release. Vinyl only, so hunt yours down whilst you can.

Rating 3.9/5

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YYY - YYY 797 [ Minimal / Tech-House ]

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