You may or may not remember that in October last year we highlighted the resurgence of Chicago and Detroit influenced House and it would appear that this trend shows no sign of abating, what with producers from all backgrounds mining their sample packs for 808/909 kicks, claps and snares. At present this sound feels fresh and vibrant, however I am slightly concerned that things could very quickly become over saturated as everyone jumps on the late 80’s early 90’s band wagon, consequently flooding the market with poorly conceived unimaginative pastiche of former glories.

Pearson Sound

Having said that quality releases keep coming, and the latest to catch our attention is by man of the moment Ramadanman under his Maurice Donovan guise. Both tracks are stripped back classic House, so stripped back that it sounds as if he restricted himself to the basic setup a late 80’s House producer would have used. Each track is built around a simple but effective vocal loop backed by a single key synth line and a classic 808/909 Kick, Snare, Clap, Hi-Hat drum pattern.

Maurice Donovan – Babeh – Out Now

Maurice Donovan – Satisfied – Out Now