On October 17, Inhale Gold and the Vinyl Factory will release a limited edition, two-track 12″ collaboration between Massive Attack and Burial. One of the cuts, “Paradise Circus”, is a rework of a track off Massive Attack’s 2010 LP Heligoland, and the second, “Four Walls”, is a brand new recording. The 12 inch can be ordered via Massive Attacks website.

Massive Attack & Burial - 4 Walls / Paradise Circus

Four Walls is an epic 12 minute cinematic piece that is unmistakably Burial meets Massive Attack, with Teardrop type beats and Street Halo atmospheric vocals and crackles. However unlike these two tracks the tempo is somewhat faltering, giving the track a gloomy lost soul feel to it.

Only 1000 copies of the 12″ will be made, and they are packaged in gold glitter screen-printed sleeves designed by Massive Attack’s Robert “3D” Del Naja.

Four Walls is currently streaming via (Pitchfork)

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