For the Urban among you, you’ll now that the term ‘Mall Grab’ actually refers to someone who generally see’s their skateboard as a fashion accessory as apposed to a mode of transport or an extreme sport. Generally they can be found herding at key social hubs, such as an Australian Mall, and are easily distinguishable by their unmistakable markings: High level of grooming, overly skinny jeans and double strapped ‘East Pack’ back packs. The skinny jeans are a key identifier as these will prevent any overly vigorous skating, should the desire ever randomly arise.  All in all the term Mall Grab has a similarly comedic poking fun implication as the word Hipster, and it would appear that this self deprecating, none too serious name choice is a key indicator as to why Mall Grab’s music is turning so many heads.


To date Mall Grab’s release schedule has been hectic and well spread with records coming thick and fast from a variety of sources, Church, Shall Not Fade (UK), 1080p, Collect Call (Canada) and now Steel City Dance Discs, his own soon to be launched Australian imprint. Heading up Steel City Dance Discs debut is lead track ‘Father’, however for us the pick of the record is the recently revealed B-Side ‘Cant Take It No More’.

‘Cant Take It No More’ is a grooving, funky, disco powered House record crafted by an artist who, despite a seemingly light approach to the business of writing and releasing music, has a steely edge when it comes to the finished product. ‘Cant Take It No More’ opitimises this sentiment with a sound that retains the liberated feel of the era from which it descends despite its more precise and contemporary dance floor focused arrangement.

Steel City Dance Discs 001 is available to pre-order now and we suggest bagging yours sharpish as this will no doubt be a very limited release.

Mall Grab – Cant Take It No More (Steel City Dance Discs)