Mall Grab ‘Feel U’ – Debuts don’t come much better…

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June 3rd

by | Jul 3, 2018 | Electronic Music, Tracks

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“For the real Mall Grab fans among you, you’ll already know – Mall Grab ‘Feel U’. However for the rest of us who only discovered the Aussie party starter later in life, this is like having never seen ‘The Sixth Sense’, and still not knowing the twist”…

Mall Grab ‘Feel U’

Some of you reading this will be shocked and disappointed to discover that we only discovered ‘Mall Grab – Feel U’  yesterday. A bit like meeting someone who has never seen ‘The Sixth Sense’ or watched ‘Titanic’ – shocking. He can see dead people and the ship sinks, btw.

Analogy aside ‘Feel U’ is one of those records brimming with summer goodness. The perfect record for any island hopping, beach bar playing DJ. However with it being limited to 250 slabs of vinyl, no digital and having racked up 2million plus YouTube plays, you’d think it be hard to come by. Not so. Perhaps due to it being Mall Grab’s first official record it somewhat flew under the radar? We certainly missed it.

Buy now via Redeye Records // Bandcamp

Mall Grab – Feel U