As I write this, at 1am in the morning (UK time), I have a strawberry lace in one hand, laced with copious amounts of sugar and a mug of steaming hot coffee in the other hand laced, as you’d expect, with every students drug of choice – caffeine. Admittedly as I type I realise that this statement has a glaring continuity error, how can I possibly be typing if both hands are currently preoccupied in non-typing related activities! Anyway, its late, and Im already hooked to the Olympics, hence the reason for this late night Jerry Maguire esque typing frenzy. I decided, whilst waiting for the Swimming finals to start (2am UK time), to finish verbalising this latest musical discovery. And what a tasty little find it is, kind of strawberry flavoured to be exact, no wait, Im confusing my activities again, that would be the strawberry lace…hang on – swig of coffee, headphones back on…


So, as you’ve probably gathered ‘Bruce Trail – Bridgework doesn’t quite conjure up images of every middle class families favourite fruit, the strawberry, but don’t let that discourage you as it’s still a scandalously tasty ‘ménage a trois’ of 90’s Chicago House, French House and Hip-Hop inspired sampling.

Opening with an off kilter and heavily delayed synth line ‘Bridgework’ immediately has your interest peaked, assuming Soundcloud’s present inability to stream tracks without them pausing doesn’t overly interrupt proceedings. By 1.15 we have a Justice V’s Simian type lead hook preluding the main groove, whilst an indistinguishable but salubrious vocal sample moves us towards a mid 90’s type hip-hop spoken word and disco chord sequence. A sequence that wouldn’t sound out of place in Tarantino’s classic ‘Jackie Brown’ movie. From 2.50 onwards there are French House stabs melding with classic House beats and the aforementioned Jackie Brown sentiment, all of which combine to create a memorable and unique take on the current fascination for 90’s house.

There we go, sugar and caffeine levels bordering on making the WADA banned substance list, sleep now a distant memory, but post written and a gold medal for Great Britain in the mens 100m breaststroke.

Bruce Trail – Bridgework [Magicwire] Out Aug 12th