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Lobster Theremin with TRP’s MPC inspired ‘Pano EP’

Often times dance music can be uninspired and wishy washy or overly contrived and obtuse. So many records tend to either lack their own individuality, preferring instead to play it safe and simply meet the prevailing trend at that time, or they’re so aware of themselves that musical expression seems to get lost in their determination to be unique. Much like the bewildering and often puzzling exhibit’s found in both the Tate and Tate Modern you are left wondering ‘why has this been made available for the general public’. Although, as they say, one mans trash is another man’s treasure, which makes objectivity about as achievable as Leicester City FC winning the English Premiership. Having said that, there must be a line, surely, where we can categorically determine what is a triumph and what is not? Monet’s Water Lilies vs A Tray in Glass Cabinet (an exhibit we came across in the Tate Modern many years ago) Aqua vs Michael Jackson, Four Tet vs LMFAO? or Batman vs Superman?…

Realistically speaking finding a definitive line of objectivity, or a universally agreed consensus of opinion is the holy grail of human society, and therefore not something that we should be attempting to unravel whilst discussing our latest Deep House find! In which case I’ll focus on my earlier initial point that dance music is often lacking in individuality or personality.

Too often you get the feeling that dance music is constructed as if painted by numbers, with the producer simply following a tried and tested formula to deliver a pre-determined outcome. Whilst the music industry is undoubtedly littered with numerous success stories were such an approach has been effectively employed to global acclaim, Pop and Motown being the most obvious examples, we often find ourselves drawn to those artists or bands who appear to be doing things a little differently, and this is where we feel TRP‘s ‘Pano’ EP slots in.

For all intense and purposes this is a House record, but dont expect a gentle ride. Like a bucking bronco this EP is determined to dislodge and bruise you with its pumpin and jolted beats. All 4 tracks deliver such a gnarled and distorted intensity, that once injected into the dance floor, like a Pulp Fiction shot to the heart, it will be buzzing for hours after.

TRP – Pano EP (Lobster Theremin) Pre-Order now…

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