At times running a record label seems like the most illogical use of ones precious time and resources, especially when your primary focus is supporting relatively unknown artists and trying to get the music buying public to try something new. For those who dont have their own label its a bit like trying to get all your mates to agree where to go for New Years Eve, an impossible task of conflicting opinions, tastes and fear of the unknown…what if its no good! That said running a record label does bring great reward, especially when you see prominent music types supporting your music, and the artists involved going on to bigger and better things; and its with that in mind that we are very proud to present our 14th record: Fortunate War – Fuchsia


If like the aforementioned NYE party debate you are feeling a little hesitant to press play, dont worry Laurent Garnier, Carl Craig, B-Traits, and Indie Shuffle among others have all agreed its worth the effort…BIG thanks to Indie Shuffle for hosting it on their site for us…

Label Photo by Justin DeSouza

Fortunate War – Fuchsia [BBB014] Out Nov 30th