Since the back end of 2015 my sole focus has been training to run across the Sahara with each week being dictated by how many miles my body can physically cope with as Ive pounded the streets and hills of West Sussex. Now with the race less than 30 days away my attention is already being swung toward the horizon in contemplation of what might be next. Regular readers of BBB will also have noticed a resurgence in our blog after a two year period of relative inactivity. This was not a planned break, but as it turns out crucial to the direction of BBB and my own personal endeavours.


After 6 years of tirelessly building the BBB Empire, parties, radio shows, record label etc we hit the proverbial crossroads in 2013. What was originally a passion had now become a passionless job. Gone was the buzz of finding a great new act and even playing records, something we’d been doing since 1999, felt like a chore, with ‘Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway’ far more appealing than 5 hours in a dark noisy dungeon. To make matters worse my friends had become colleagues, and like the Beatles we went our separate ways, although I dont remember much hysterical teenage angst towards our split. The fun had gone and all that was left was my pride in maintaining what had become a fundamental part of the Brighton music scene. It wasn’t until a random decision, 2 weeks before my birthday, to visit Australia (December 2013) that my lethargy towards music, Blah Blah Blah and the UK suddenly made itself known, and what was initially a two week trip quickly became a 12 month sabbatical.

Having gone to Australia with no particular plan other than to trust my instincts and beliefs I found myself on the most remarkable and unexpected adventure. I ended up studying song writing for 12 months at Hillsong College Sydney, where I learnt to understand music theory, how to write lyrics and sing them in front of people, as well as also being given the responsibility to mix a weekly live show that was broadcast across the internet to millions of people. Of all those challenges singing was by far and away the most terrifying part of the course, making DJing to 800 people seem almost trivial. But more importantly amongst all the singing and the ensuing trips to the facilities, the greatest part of my time in Australia was the recalibration of what was actually important to me. I came to realise that the frenzied activity of building BBB had allowed my ambition and pride to replace my friends and passions.

Since returning from Australia in late 2014 it has actually taken a further 12 months for me to rediscover my passion for electronic music. So much so that I began to wonder if it would ever come back at all and if in fact it was ever real in the first place. Thankfully in the last few months my passion has begun to return and it is with great zeal that BBB has entered its ninth year with renewed confidence and purpose. The difference this time is perspective, I love music and I love talking about it and playing it, but no longer at the expense of friends, family and health.

Lindstrom – Closing Shot (Out Now)

Selvy – Wishing Well (Out April)