Leon Vynehall has been cranking up the release schedule in 2013 with his latest offering ‘Open EP’ hot on the heels of his widely charted ‘Brother / Sister EP‘ on Aus Music. As we have previously alluded to Leon Vynehall is not one for convention, crafting sounds that, quoting ourselves here, “absorb all manner of musical inspiration from his surroundings, taking reference from whatever crosses his path”. Somewhat surprisingly his Brother / Sister EP was fairly straight up suggesting perhaps a change in direction from his previously more challenging club material, however it would appear on the Open EP that rather than a change in direction the Aus record was actually more of an exploration. Lead track ‘I Get Mine You Get Yours’ is in the Brother camp, with nicely judged vocal loops punctuating a typically scuffed up mix, whilst a pitched up accordion synth hook provides the main focal point. ‘Step or Stone’ continues in a similar vein, this time with what we can only described as a pitched down accordion leading the way, suggesting that Leon’s recent travels have taken in few classical British Summer Fete’s, if we are honest the lead hook in this instance is overly repetitive and gimmicky for our tastes. Not to worry though as ‘I Know Your Face, Heroine’ is a silky smooth palette cleanser, that leads nicely into the delightfully laid-back French Touch flecked closer ‘XVII’. As always with a Vynehall release there is a freshness to the ideas that elevate his records beyond the typical club fodder.

Leon Vynehall - Open EP

Leon Vynehall – Open EP (3024) – Drops September 16th
01. I Get Mine, You Get Yours
02. Step or Stone (Breath or Bone)
03. I Know Your Face
04. XVII (Rox Out)

Rating 7.5/10