Krystal Klear ‘Division Ave’ – Stranger Things the college years

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April 12th

by | Apr 12, 2018 | Electronic Music, Tracks

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“Everyone loves ‘Stranger Things’, right? Like anything 80s related it carries that sense of optimism, adventure and belief that anything is possible. Who knew a simple analog synth line could be that expressive… Clearly Krystal Klear ‘Division Ave’ did”…

Krystal Klear ‘Division Ave’ [The Division EP]

Krystal Klear ‘Division Ave’ is the second track on his forthcoming Running Back EP ‘The Division’. An EP that is neon, optimistic and full of life. No doom laden Techno here.

Of the 4 tracks ‘Division Ave’ is our pick. The sort of record that should appeal to fans of any life affirming 80’s Spielberg classic or todays ‘Ready Player One’. Classically 80s with reverberant drums,  a one note chugging Moog bass lick and a lead synth that is reassuringly optimistic.

Tracklist: Krystal Klear – The Division EP [Running Back Records]

1.  Neutron Dance
2. Division Ave
3. Shockzoid
4. Moonshake Miner

Released April 13th [Phonica // Juno]