KLF – 3AM Eternal [Spotify] Now available

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KLF – 3AM Eternal available to Stream [Spotify]

KLF – 3AM Eternal is now available on Spotify, why is this a big deal? Well for anyone old enough to be old enough in the 90s will remember KLF for their somewhat outrageous take on music and their even more outrageous take on the music biz.

KLF’s MO was to write beats whilst simultaneously disregarding the expected norms of the music industry. Perhaps most famously they were known for burning 1 million pounds in 1994 on a remote Scottish island. It was reported that the cash burnt pretty much represented all the money they’d earned from their music. This stunt followed their 1991 Brit Awards appearance where they fired blanks from a machine gun during their performance, announced they were retiring from music and subsequently deleted their entire back catalogue. Hence the significance of todays Spotify news…

Asked in 2004 if they regretted the million pound stunt, Drummond told the BBC: “Of course I regret it – who wouldn’t!” [Source: The Scotsman 2016]

So who knows what may follow their catalogue appearing on Spotify?

KLF – 3AM Eternal

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KLF - 3am Eternal [Spotify]