Its fair to say that the clamour for modular synthesis and 80’s sounds in general is beginning to dominate much of the music we presently consume. With club producers, score composers, pop artists and everything in-between all feverishly plugging in cables and twiddling knobs as if their lives depended on it. A fact no better illustrated than by the runaway success of the very recent Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’. A series, for those that don’t know, that see’s a troupe of Star Wars quoting, BMX riding, Goonie type kids, trying to solve a spooky mystery, whilst retro synths warmly pulse and swell to their every move.


At present, particularly for a bonafide 80’s kid such as myself, this retro movement is a thrilling reminder of all those great 80’s movies and records that soundtracked my formative years. In particular I remember Beverly Hill Cops ‘Axel F’, Duran Duran’s ‘Reflex’, Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’, and Ray Park Jr ‘Ghostbusters Theme’ all being ever present regulars on my Toshiba Walkman. But is what Im enjoying credible music or just pumped up musical nostalgia, that will be gone before you can say ‘Hey you guys’?

Well, truth is we’re probably not the best people to answer that question objectively, considering our obvious vested interest, that said take a listen to Junior Boys ‘Some People Are Crazy’ and ill think you’ll its more than just whimsical nostalgia that we’re enjoying…

Junior Boys – Some People Are Crazy [Out Now]