Dorisburg ‘Kassiopeia‘, Parple ‘Ritual‘, Patrick Bishop ‘Un (Tuff City Kids Remix)‘ Fort Romeau ‘Facing The Sea‘. Heard of these? Yes? Ok good, continuing reading, if not quickly hit up the embedded links as we’d like to add the much vaunted Quentin (Talabot/Pinol) ‘Rain’ to this illustrious list of 2016 releases.

Since its first play over 2 years ago ‘Rain’ has been quietly gathering momentum with the modern day marker for respect – ‘ID Please’, becoming increasingly frequent. Yet like a seasoned poker player who patiently waits for the perfect moment to raise the stakes and steal the pot, Talabot has been calmingly holding this ace up his sleeve…until now.


Joining the more established ‘Rain’ is the Boards of Canada sounding ‘Mirage’. We say Boards of Canada, because the sonic quality of the chord progression at 3 mins in could easily have been lifted from BOC’s stunning ‘Tomorrows Harvest’ LP. Like BOC, Mirage is patient, deep and to use an overly used dance music cliche – other worldly. ‘Rain’ like ‘Mirage’ is equally as deep and compelling, yet here the focus is on the sparkling melancholic lead synth, as apposed to the ominous growling bass of its predecessor.

Combined both these tracks have a sense of elegance and refined energy, reminding us that a quality DJ set needs to understand the fundamentals of good music – dynamics, flow and diversity. Out Now.

Quentin – Rain [ Hivern Discs ] Out Now

Quentin – Mirage [Hivern Discs] Out Now