Anyone else seriously hooked by the resurgence of all things analog? Be it vinyl or modular synths the rejuvenation of both formats is equally as exciting as when JJ Abrams elected to make a full size Millennium Falcon for the new Star Wars movie. You just can’t beat the real thing. Its more tactile, has greater depth and invariably creates a stronger connection with its audience, whether it be a photograph, film or a piece of music. This is not to say that the Digital revolution has been a complete waste of time, but it does suggest a greater realisation that digital is not just simply here to replace analog, but rather augment it, a bit like adding sprinkles to your Krispy Kreme donut.


Some will still argue that Digital is the only future and that antiquated formats such as vinyl will eventually cease to exist. Yet when you consider that people have been predicting vinyl’s demise for almost 40 years now you have to wonder at the validity of such sentiment. The reality is that whilst Digital has undoubtedly revolutionised our ability to create, what it has not done is replace the unique idiosyncrasies of the analog world, be it grain and depth in a photograph or the breadth of harmonics from an analog synth. To say Digital will replace analog is a bit like suggesting that Pixar could do a better job of Monet’s Water Lilies?

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