Are the sub zero temperatures and grey mornings driving you to the point of emigration? Or is the prospect of another year of office drudgery or impending exams enough to make you want to rip of all you clothes and scream “Im on Fire”. Perhaps, perhaps not. Either way what we all need from time to time is a bit of jump start to get us moving. Jlin – Nyakinyua Rise & Mic Mills – Pig Of A Man could be just the jolt you are looking for?

[ Footwork ] Jlin - Nyakinyua Rise

Much of the music we listen to or are forced to listen to whilst navigating our daily routine is highly polished, linear and safe. In fact recently it has come to our attention that music, even underground dance music that is considered counter culture, is loosing its edge. The rawness of those early mid 90’s House, Acid and Techno records has been replaced by Protools perfection. Even the resurgence of vinyl, which we discussed last month, has done little to challenge the utopian need for brasso dipped musical expression. Much like the sterilisation of UK club culture, that we lamented last week, we need a fresh injection of that spiky, provocative and exhilarating punk-spirit of old. It’s out there for sure, records such as Raw MT – Richards Revenge, TRP – Pano and Call Super – Nervous Sex Traffic typify this sentiment and todays post features two further such examples.

Jlin – Nyakinyua Rise & Mic Mills – Pig Of A Man are both non-linear, spiky records that simply can’t be ignored. Frenetic percussion, concrete cracking sub-bass and ceaseless stabs ambush your attention. Neither maybe your thing, but what cannot be denied is that this type of music provokes an emotional response, and in an era of Protools perfection we think this is most definitely a good thing.

Jlin – Nyakinyua Rise [ Planet Mu Records ]

Mic Mills – Pig Of A Man [ Coastal Haze ]