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Isaac Tichauer – Higher Level (Bicep Remix) | New Music

How should a remix be written? Should it be something that is a homage to the original piece of music, with sonic cues that clearly identify its ancestry or should it be something that is almost abstract in comparison, making its true lineage virtually impossible to verify?

Much like the current debate around welfare cuts in the UK both sides of the house have convincing and highly plausible arguments to support their positions. On the one hand you could argue that a remix that has heavily drawn on the original material is nothing more than a rework, where as you could equally argue that a remix that is almost unrecognisable from its original form is in fact just an entirely independent piece of music. Further muddying these waters is the remix thats only existence is to ally a big name with a lesser name in order to raise the profile of the latter.

Well if you’re anything like us, both politically and musically, its a moot point, a pointless question. The answer should be what will produce the best outcome regardless of either sides position. If the remix captures your imagination its method of conception abstract or otherwise is irrelevant. With that in mind today’s sizzling tip is a remix that once released is going to be rinsed by every DJ and his entourage. In an ideal world it be great if only a select few DJ’s were able to get their hands on this record, but when something is this effective you can understand why its getting a full vinyl and digital release. It reminded us of Les Rythmes Digitales classic remix of Cassius ‘Feelings For You‘, not stylistically, but in realising a strong idea to its true full potential.

Isaac Tichauer – Higher Level (Bicep Remix) Due April 4th

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