Instinct aka Burnski – Pistolwhip – UKG

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Instinct – Pistolwhip – UKG

Instinct aka Burnski – Pistolwhip is a UKG bomb. Need a tune to get the floor moving – look no further. For those who are all about the garage flava then this record is most likely already nestling in your record box. However for those amongst us who like a little genre trekking, going boldly where no house or techno DJ has gone before, then this is for us. High tempo, a bassline that alone would be enough and drums that simply crackle with energy.

If you missed it in 2019, get on it, crank it and watch the magic happen. You could say – ABC easier than 138.

Instinct aka Burnski – Pistolwhip – UKG

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Instinct - Pistolwhip - UKG